Hey Study Abroad-ers: Go Travel!

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Zoom Traveling the World

How likely are people to travel again after they study abroad?

I’ve met plenty of  people who love the experience, love the travel, love the adventures, and equally as many people who say they are going to “travel (once they graduate / before grad school / after a few years of work)”.

They say they will go to Brazil for the World Cup.
They say they will do a South East Asia tour.
They say they will motorcycle South America.

How many of these students actually take that trip?

I would say for most it’s all talk. Hype, excitement, planning! But they take the job and settle down.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to 1) not take a high paying job 2) quit a job 3) leave obligations behind.

But I stand by the point that traveling will increase your quality of life.

It’s all about priorities. If traveling is set as a priority it will happen. If owning a new big ass T.V. is a priority then it will take precedence over that Asia trip.

I just hope more people students pass on that “direct to job” route or “job for the rest of your life” option and hit the road.

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