• Zoom breaks rules and makes it a habit

Zoom breaks rules and makes it a habit

It might have started in 5th grade when I was a realllllllly good kid. I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to express my interest as a gentleman, with chivalry and class because that’s what I was taught. Yes, I was a sophisticated young’in. So I asked said crush to be my Valentine, on AOL Instant Messenger, of course, and it went something like ::

“Will you be my valentine?”

What seemed liked 30 minutes later : “What’s a valentine?”

Little Zoom searches for the dictionary definition. “A person whom one asks to be one’s sweetheart.”

“Ya I guess…” (not sure if that was her answer but something similarly uninterested).

After she said yes I gave her a hand written card and some chocolates, you know :: something cute. I went to all this trouble and was chivalrous and blah blah and in the end it didn’t really work out. I was crushed.

Going Bad

At some point around this time I made the decision to be bad. Bad guys always appealed to me more than the good side. I would much rather be the rebel with the bad ass outfit living the dark life. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

So I made the decision to be bad. And with decision came the decision to break the rules.

I was a pyro. I made pipe bombs. I spray painted and shop lifted and stole alcohol from grocery stores. I got in fights, skipped class, cheated on tests, and snuck out on week nights. I made Molotov cocktails. I broke all sorts of rules because I wanted to.

“To be nothing like these n***** is the prayer I always pray.” Rockie Fresh


But as I started to grow up this decision to be bad and break rules evolved. I decided to break rules that kept me from being the best me, rules that restricted me following myself, from from living life according to me and no one else.

I stopped breaking the law and started breaking cultural rules, the guidelines that aren’t written down yet people blindly follow anyway.

I dropped out of college. I started businesses. I failed. I read books and taught myself. I went on a 7 month Eurotrip.

I started taking the harder route of thinking for myself, of listening to my inner self, and going against the flow.

What started as habit of ill intention evolved into a habit that led me down a path of independence, self-confidence, and trust in myself. It led to trusting my intuition, to following my road, to being a leader instead of a follower.

I realize I wasn’t breaking rules for the sake of breaking rules but because they went and still go against what I consider right for me.

I break rules because I have to in order to be the best me.

Making Rule Breaking a Habit

I started breaking small rules but grew my rule breaking super power.

Now I have the self confidence to go against what is culturally accepted and follow my heart, regardless of what others think or say or do to stop me. But it was baby steps and it took me a long time to get to this point.

Through this process I’ve realized that most rules aren’t set in stone, just semi-established cultural norms that everybody follows. Breaking these rules is where growth happens, where big ideas come to reality. When people start diverting from what EVERYBODY does, massive change happens.

I’m not saying break the rules. No, I would never say that…. Wait… yes I am. Break the damn rules. But start small.

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