Complaining about iOS7? You’re Useless

  • Adapt or die

Adapt or die

This is a little late but it’s something I had running through my mind and wanted to share.

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Apple released iOS7 and a ton of people negatively reacted to the change.

No, I’m not talking about 80 year olds who still use a typewriter.

I’m talking about young adults, the youth that are the future, those that should be embracing change, adapting to new technology to take advantage of the opportunity created by *newnew*

If you can’t update your iPhone, what the fuck is wrong with you?

If you’re 24 and you can’t change one simple thing on your iPhone that MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER AND PRETTIER, how will you adapt to things that actually matter?

People who can’t adapt get left behind. They are hopelessly unemployed because they failed to adapt and now a robot does their job, better.

You remember Darwin, right?

You complaining about IOS7 or the newest Facebook update means you are the weakest link and Darwin says you will disappear.

Try embracing change. Or better yet, ruthlessly seek change.

Be at the cutting edge instead of getting cut.

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