Let’s Start a Damn Conversation

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Yesterday I published a post about job hunting, a brief Thought on upholding standards and not settling for sub par.

Quite a few people read it, more than any post in the last few months :: 115 people. 

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It was an easy, quick read where I took a fairly strong stance, undoubtedly raising emotional and logical responses from readers.

100 people saw it on Facebook.
A few saw it on Twitter.
115 people visited the site.

Yet no one responded :: no feedback, no rebuttals, no comments.

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I write to share my thoughts, to throw my opinion out to the universe, to make people think, to inspire, to rock the boat.

I write to start conversations :: maybe between you and I, you and your friends or even you and your self.

Hopefully that’s what’s happening, in some way or another.

But I would really love for you to participate in the conversation with me. 

Leave a comment on the site, on Facebook, on Twitter, or even reply to the email subscription.

Let me know what you think, if you agree or not, if you love it or hate it, or anythiiing else.

Start participating in the convo by saying something below!

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