“Cool People Doing Cool Shit”

  • Zoom only does absolutely awesome

Zoom only does absolutely awesome

I don’t know where I got the idea or when I started using it but somewhere along the way I adopted the phrase “Cool People Doing Cool Shit”. I started throwing it around, using it more frequently, and now it’s basically become my motto, my phrase.

“What do you do?” (I hate this question)

My typical response: I’m into a lot of creative things ranging from art to writing to travel to fashion. I’m all over the place but basically I like cool people doing cool shit. If you fit the description, we can vibe.

I’m all truly all about reallllllllly cool / interesting  people who are doing something creative, unique, or different from the normal person. Cool is a broad word, and that’s why I use it. My “COOL” encompasses a lot, too wide and varied to be narrowed down. It’s basically a word I use to describe the kind of people I vibe with.

As for “Cool Shit”?

My mom doesn’t like that I say “shit”.

But this phrase / motto just wouldn’t be the same if I said “stuff” or “things” or something lessssssss startling. When I say SHIT, it’s an emphasis, it stirs attention, causes some tension. It makes waves.

That’s the point. I like to do things differently, to go against the normal, to rock the boat.

And you can’t rock the boat without making some waves.

So from here on out:

“What’s up *WORLD* My name is Zoom and I do cool shit with cool people.”

_ _ _

I just started a cooooooool project called Take Over Your City. I would absolutely love if you checked it out, gave it a “Like” and shared it with your cooooooool friends.

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