• Cutting down vices

Cutting down vices

I’ve been partaking in a few too many vices lately.

Sure, I’m coming off a SXSW marathon. Sure, I’m back in Austin and that’s what’s expected. Sure… sureee….

But recently I’ve realized a pesky level of distraction from what I should need WANT to focus on.

I’m not moving forward with what I want to and I’m embracing too much of what I don’t.

It’s time to move from “Yayyyy I’m back in Austin, let’s party!” to “Time to get it before I leave again”. This means eliminating the excess and leveling up the mandatory.

Wat dat mean?

I’m cutting my vices to see what happens, to see how it affects my thinking, to see how it helps or hurts.

This means cutting the activities that 15 years from now I will regret as a waste of youth.

I’m not jumping in with both feet, though. I’m taking it a few steps at a time, cutting back one vice at a time.

It also means I’m LEVELING UP on what I originally planned :: ZCLOCO is launching in a sec.  TOYC is getting a revamped focus. And more interactive coolness is on the way.

It’s Spring in Austin which means there’s no time to waste sitting around inside :: basketball, Barton Springs, riding bikes, ESCAPADING, and satisfying a general lust for life.


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