A Day in My Life: Poetry and Snaps

  • Christmas Markets in Antwerp
State of Art in Antwerp, Belgium

My State for the Day

Food Options in Antwerp, Belgium

Breakfast at Eco-Cafe

The world is filled with lots and lots:
Of people, of ideas, of design
Of everything
You can’t see it all
But seeing a little changes a lot

Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp. Centraal. Back. Lit.

Here. There.
> People
> Cities
> Countries
Animated / Inanimate
Different / Same
Free Olives, Anyone?

Olives at the Street Market

Traveling in Antwerp, Belgium

Packed Bakery

Shaded behind blue
Covered in white
Topped by brown
Draped in American
Influenced by variety
Connected to all
Clothing company out of France

Photo shoot for Ninetyfour Clothing Company

Waiting to cross
Like good people
He’s walking anyway
Motioning for me
I cross
White high tops
We part
Antwerp, Belgium

Boy Scout Hustling Candy

Christmas in Antwerp, Belgium

Crazy Christmas Celebration

Take a closer look
Those pictures have dots
Lean close, they change
At a nearer inspection
Everybody looks different

Jet streams waging war
On century old buildings
Antwerp, Belgium Buildings

Jet Stream Attacks

Rule: Always Pet the Dog
I tried, so soft and fluffy
Denied by the bitch
The owner, not the dog
I’ll duck in
Check out the style
Hands in pockets
Smiling at the crowd
Hands stay in pockets
Sports in Antwerp, Belgium

Want to go Boarding!

Cursed with a gift of style and a desire to not own anything.
Christmas shopping

Happy Socks!

Following the crowd
Maybe they know where to go
Mindlessly wandering
Shops. Old buildings. People.
At some point I will diverge
Holiday Shopping in Antwerp, Belgium

Crowds on Crowds on Crowds

400 waiting
Only 2 braving the cross

Real wood burners to keep warm

Keeping Warm with the Locals

There’s diversity
Then there isn’t
Blonde hair, light skin, bright smiles
And more energy
And Gluhwein..
Sunset in Antwerp, Belgium

Jet Stream Sun Set

I walk up
Everyone else down
I missed something
The rays hold on
And give one last glimpse
Holidays near the river

Is That a Fucking Castle?

Christmas Markets in Antwerp

Ferris Wheel at Sunset

Celebrating in Belgium

Christmas Markets by Night

Food Chocies in Antwerp, Belgium

Burgers with Hostel Friends

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