• Make sure to spend money on experiences

Make sure to spend money on experiences

I wish I spent more money on this trip.

Most people say the opposite about their travel expenditures, so why do I wish I burned some extra cash?

I missed some awesome opportunities I might not get another chance to experience because I was afraid of spending the money.

I didn’t do the Sahara camel trek in Morocco.
I didn’t go to a Hammam in Marrakech.
I didn’t go to a Soviet Prison in Tallinn.
I didn’t go to the caves in Granada.
I didn’t get a massage in Budapest.
I didn’t shoot an arsenal of fully automatic guns in Vilnius.

I blame it on a flaw in my monetary plan: I will save by not spending money when I don’t NEED to. That’s what long term travel is about, right, not spending money?


My thinking should have been: I will not spend money on unnecessary expenditures except for the rare opportunities that are unique to this area.

I regret not spending the little extra cash on incredibly memorable experiences. Not only for my memories but for memories with other fellow travelers. I turned down too many offers from good travel buddies and now I regret not having these memories to look back on when I reconnect with these friends down the road.

From here forward: I’m not going to worry about spending money on experiences.

When you decide to travel: Remember to budget for these adventures.

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