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How to live the dream you want

Back in 2010 I was reading a lot of self-help books ranging from Think and Grow Rich to The Magic of Thinking Big to a whole hell of a lot of other ones.

One of the reoccurring emphases in this literature is envisioning a better life and totally absorbing this vision into your subconscious to the point that it becomes part of your life.

The mind set isn’t that you just simple WANT it but instead you will one day HAVE it. There can be no question or doubt.

So I wrote out my “Dream Day” and read it everyday right when I woke up, fully diving into the life on the page. It didn’t take long to basically memorize the day.

Every morning I was waking up to my skyline view of Austin to my immense shoe collection.

But a lot has changed since then. It’s not that I no longer long for that lifestyle :: it’s that I instead focus on making everyday my dream day.

No I don’t wake up in the Austonian but I do wake up whenever my eyes open. Instead of having tens of thousands of dollars in clothes I have just enough to live my life with the agility I crave. I don’t have 3 cars but I do have the freedom to work on my projects full steam ahead.

I’m confident one day I will reach a similar level as what I describe below. It will happen. But instead of living in the future and constantly dreaming of a dream life ::  I DAILY strive to live my dream life.

I am doing what I love urryday. I started a clothing company that I am passionately pursuing. I traveled 7 months in Europe. I wanted to make a short film and I did it. I love my life because I’ve taken the monetary aspect out and focus on what’s otherwise important, today.

But one day I’ll take my girlfriend to a nice dinner on my single prop Cirrus…

My Dream Day

I wake up around 9:30, opening my eyes when they want to open. No alarm, no loud noises, no disruption. I wake up to the most comfortable bed, sunk into the down comforter, eyes still focusing. When they adjust, I look around to see my room: my master bedroom in the Austonian.  Facing my bed is a huge glass window looking out onto the city 27 stories below. Around the corner, past the master bath are my closets. One door leads to my shoe closet, the shoe closet. Inside, sitting on silver shelves held in place by black wood, 250 pairs of shoes lay waiting for my choosing. To the left, the sneakers: Jordan, Air Max, Dunks, Nike, New Balance, and Asics. All colors, all styles, all for me. To the right are my dress shoes: Salvatore Feragamo, Gucci, Prada, Tod’s, John Varvatos, Boots. The next door, which is silver, leads to my clothes closet. Top of the line everything: designer jeans, button downs, suits, casual. All the clothes I want, I have. All the shoes I want, I have.

But waking up, jumping out of my custom bed, I walk over to the balcony outside of the immense glass window. Peering over the city, I imagine my day. My free day. Because I strived and pushed my hardest, I accomplished something that few are possible of achieving. I sacrificed, I fought, I endured. And now, I live the dream life. No money issues to worry about. No school issues to worry about. Only stuff that I want to focus on and get done is on my mind. From there I head down the elevator to my cars: Matte black Bentley Continental with black rims and tinted windows, White Cayenne Turbo with white rims and tinted windows, F-150 FX4 with all bumpers replaced.  Which one to drive to the gym? I’ll take the Cayenne.

After the gym, head out to grab some food at the local healthy food spot. No worries about the money. It’s not an issue. Big tip, of course. From there, back to the apartment to work on business. I need to plan the layout for my new establishment I plan on opening soon.  A lot of logistics to figure out, but I have the time and money so there is no issue with that. It is what I want to do and I have the resources to complete it.

Now I need to take a break from  “work” to plan my vacation. I have been researching where to go. Europe? Australia? Tokyo? South America? The researching is considered work; it is not easy to plan a trip to some of the most exotic places in the world. I guess I will decide later, there’s no rush. I can go whenever I want. Maybe I will take my girlfriend to the airport and we can just pick there. No packing, no planning, no worries. We will buy all the goods we need when we arrive.

The night is approaching which means dinner with the girlfriend is also approaching. We have decided to fly to Louisiana for some fresh seafood, right off of the boat. There is nothing better. I fly, of course, since I recently accomplished receiving my pilot’s license. The plane is my own, something to cruise around in for dinner in different areas. It is different than the family jet. Maybe after Louisiana we will hop over to catch a movie or show in some other state. Too much to plan. Spur the moment is always better.

After the night of state hopping is complete, we retire to the lake-side residences to a night of sleeping outside under the stars. The weather is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful night with crisp air and a light chill. Perfect for cuddling on the outside bed surrounded by pungent flowers of assorted colors. No worries, just life.

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