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  • Waking up early is my shit

Waking up early is my shit

Going home before midnight used to be a joke.

Leaving downtown before 2? Not a chance. Even on a weeknight? Same thang, whether drinks and pool games or late night escapading.

Waking up before 9? Even more of a joke. I would sleep until my eyes opened, easily 10 or 11.

This routine of staying out late and sleeping late worked for a long time.

But it stopped working. And with all things in my life that stop working, I subtract them.

Now most nights I’m in bed by 11, reading myself to sleep. Monday through Friday my alarm rings at 7 for my morning routine of meditating and writing.

Some weekends I’m out and about but prefer to be headed home by 12:30. I just don’t really enjoy much of what happens after midnight.

This new routine works so I’ll hang onto it for awhile. However, at some point this habit might also be subtracted.

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