• Don't take just any job

Finding a good job is not easy, especially with my ultra-strict criteria and guidelines and qualifications and prerequisites. I don’t accept just any offer with any random company, they have to be a great fit for the position.

What’s my criteria?

Cool people doing cool shit.

Finding an available position that fits this description is harder than one might expect. And most of the time sticking to this criteria means I have to deny a company the opportunity to hire me.

I have a certain quality of life I’m trying to achieve, in all areas of my life, and if I start slipping and letting sub-par into my life, then it will infect other areas. Kind of like cancer. As soon as it appears, it spreads. And I want absolutely nothing to do with sub-par or boring or normal so I can’t allow any of it into my life.

I might not get a positions because my website says “Cool Shit and Cool People”.
An “old-thinker” might be offended by my non-traditional approach.
A hiring manager might not like the fact that I’m proud of dropping out of college.

Take your cancerous staleness elsewhere. You fail my interview!

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Don't take just any job


Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.01.29 AM

This is from the hiring page of an SD UX / Web Design Agency. And they do mad business. That’s the type of place I want to work!

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