• Zoom will not be fat

Zoom will not be fat

The tell tale sign was the playing basketball in TCU. I was quickly winded and my game was significantly hindered by my lack of stamina. At 23 I should be up and down the court with no problem, running back to back to back to back to back games. And I definitely was not.

Then I stepped on a scale yesterday and realized I’m 7 pounds heavier than I’ve EVER been in my life.

And that’s when I realized that I can’t just eat whatever I want and drink beers (plural) and sit around working on my computer without gaining weight. That’s when I realized that although I have a great athletic base I still have to work to maintain my health.

In Europe I was eating pretty well and partying just as well but I was working it off by cruising back roads and exploring all on foot. Now I am in America where we use CARS for EVERYTHING and I have a refrigerator full of food for my choosing.

But no more. 7 pounds over is disgusting and I’m not having that.

My Plan

Eat better. Don’t drink as much. Work Out.

I’m going to “pay the man” 3 times a day, a little trick I learned from my friend Zach that entails doing push ups multiple times a day.
I’m going to stop drinking 1 or 2 beers on Tuesday night just because.
I’m going to start hitting the gym (which I definitely haven’t been doing).
I’m going to cut down on carbs and start eating more well balanced meals.


Why My Health is Important

I’ve always been conscious of my health (Thanks Parents!). I’ve pretty much always stayed active my whole life, whether playing sports or riding my bike or working out at the gym. Sweating keeps me in check, keeps my mind healthy and keeps my general energy running smoothly.

It’s not about impressing others. It’s not about showing off. It’s not about anything besides being healthy and staying that way for the rest of my life. It’s about creating and maintaining life long habits that will keep me living the story I want.

But I do like to look good naked :)

_ _ _ _ _

Updates ::

I’ve been working with my good friend Nick Balcombe on re-doing Take Over Your City in anticipation for my upcoming West Coast trip. Once it’s ready there will be a steady flow of travel tips, video updates and picture stories.

If you haven’t heard about my clothing company then you’re missing out. I sold out of my first round of shirts and will be dropping the Summer Tank shortly. Get on dat.

A few friends and I recently made a short film called #PerfectAustinDay. Check it out and share the love.


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