• How do you not know about your sportscar?

“Hey man, nice car. Is it a F430?”

I was walking up to the Ferrari, the one sitting in traffic with two white guys leaving downtown San Diego on a busy Friday night.

“Ya man, It’s actually a GTC. And thanks!” he said very appreciatively.

I’d never actually walked up to a car sitting in traffic and complimented the owner. But tonight, after a long day of work, it felt right.

5th Ave leads out of Gaslamp, San Diego’s main club scene that packs out with tourists and locals alike. And around 1:45 am the side walks are packed with pedestrians and the streets with cars.

“That’s cool, man. It’s a great looking car. But do you actually drive it? Or is it just a pretty car?”

“Man this thing is on the track every other weekend! What good is a fast car if you can’t open her up on the straight aways and actually know how to drive it!”

Truth, man. Preach.
_ _ _ _

“Man this is the cleanest Cayenne I’ve ever seen.”

I was walking up to the matte red Cayenne, the one sitting in traffic with two middle Eastern guys leaving downtown San Diego. Yessir, the same busy friday night, not 3 minutes after the Ferrari.

“Is it a Turbo?”

I know a little about cars, enough to talk to anyone about cars and especially high end sports cars.

“No man, it’s a GTS.”

“Nice. That’s a great paint job. But do you actually use the 400 ish horses under your hood?”

Unlike the Ferrari, this guy definitely doesn’t open up his car. One of the fastest production SUV’s available, a Cayenne can reach about 170, give or take a few. That’s fast, especially for a SUV.

However this guy didn’t use it. They were nice, friendly but a step down from the two guys in the Ferrari, and definitely not car people.
_ _ _ _

“Hey man, nice car.”

I was walking up to the gray and black R8 Spyder, the one sitting in traffic with two black guys leaving downtown. He was sitting in traffic right behind the Cayenne.

“Are you going to race that Cayenne in front of you?”

He laughed. “No man.”

“That car will give you a run for your money, man. That’s the fastest production SUV and can definitely compete with your Audi here.”

“Oh really?”

How do you not know about your car? How do you not know about the $100,000+ vehicle you’re sitting in? How do you not know about the equally impressive car right in front of you? You have a V10, how do you not use it?

“Yeah man, he might beat you. Do you even use this thing? Or is it just for looks?”

I walked up to 3 cars, all sitting in traffic, all 3 with different races of guys driving and opened the conversation with the same line.

The responses were all different. The Ferrari owner was open, smiling, appreciative that I actually knew about his car, appreciative that I actually complimented his whip. The Cayenne was a few notches down and the R8 was pathetic.

I also ended up talking to a stranger about a Corvette Stingray that was beautiful and also threw a valet some knowledge on the Cadillac CTS-V he was about to drive.
_ _ _ _

When I get my sports car, you can bet that I will know all of the specs, will race the hell out of it and will give anyone who walks up to me in traffic a ride. Fast.

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