Graduating College Doesn’t Suck

  • My week long trip to TCU

My week long trip to TCU

I spent the last week in Fort Worth living the life of a privileged college student. And hot damn it was a great time.

Since I was staying at my friend’s house I was seamlessly integrated into the lifestyle of a graduating senior.  I spent hours sitting around the house watching TV. I played indoor basketball three separate times. I ate pretty much every meal from a restaurant. Almost every night we went out.

All around it was a damn good time and I’m very thankful to those that made it a great experience.

Since almost everyone I hung out with is graduating in the near future the conversation often drifted towards what happens after college.

What kind of job? Where are people moving? What’s the starting salary? Blah blah all of that talk.

But one prevailing undertone was how much students are worried about graduating and starting real life, ranging from finding a job to making enough money to not being in college anymore.

And the whole time I just kept thinking :: IT REALLY DOESN’T SUCK!

I’ve been out of college for 3 years, living on my own, working jobs and paying bills ALL ON MY OWN. I’ve had my own struggles and hardships but it’s great to be free to make my own decisions, to handle and control my finances and to live MY OWN DAMN LIFE.

Sure the transition sucks and takes some adjustment but living ON YOUR OWN is a fucking blast. It means complete freedom. It means doing whatever you want to do on your own terms.

It means living real life as an independent adult.

So many worries and fears of moving on yet this experience is crucial to living a great life. Leaving the nest is a must and when you take that leap to soar on your own it’s a wonderful experience.

Take the leap > live the freedom > handle your OWN life > EMBRACE it = A great season of life

_ _ _ _

Once again :: A HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone in Fort Worth that made the trip awesome!

Big congratulations to my boiiii Zach Cannon for securing a job and signing a lease in Austin, Texas. Look forward to seeing where it takes you.

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