• Honesty is a must in relationships

A great relationship is about complete honesty.

It’s about a pure flow of thoughts, emotions, communication and understanding. When this the exchange is completely honest, with both parties confident that whatever is said can be worked through for the better, a relationship thrives.

When the pipeline of communication gets blocked or shuts down, I don’t do well.

I start questioning myself, the other person, making assumptions and this leads to my side of the pipeline getting all backed up with shitty thoughts.

I start making assumptions, start getting too much into my head and start taking irrational action.

My relationships, the close ones that hold weight and true-value, have to be built on a foundation of complete honesty.

When communication is crystal clear and each party is honest and we can talk without irrational worries, WE’LL fly high :: I’m not afraid to tell you how it is, to explain my thoughts or feelings, to communicate freely, to share myself with the understanding that whatever I say can be talked through if the other person is also honest. And it will result in a healthy relationship.

But it’s a two way street.

And when, in my relationships, this agreement isn’t clear or agreed upon, and the pipeline isn’t running well, I get all backed up with shitty-ness.

(This is hardest to establish in new relationships…?)

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