• huge fucking year for ZCLOCO

13 will be a big year of manifesting lessons, experiences, and ideas from my trip into something global. I’m thinking bigger bigger bigger.

What’s up, World.


I do not embrace my creative side anywhere near the level that I should. I’m changing this in 2013 by expanding my creative process in a variety of ways, both online and in real life:

I want to paint, I want to write, I want to make ideas come to life with my hands, I want to make films, draw, design and generally explore all avenues of creativity.

Right now I am limited in doing this because I don’t have the skills or knowledge. I am only semi fluent in Adobe Illustrator, know nothing about Photoshop, and am only just now getting into Final Cut. I want to improve my skills in these areas this year. I also want to look more into the history of design, from architecture to lines to whatever comes up to develop my understanding of these fields.


I have a passion for community and in 2013 I am shooting this through the roof.

I want to surround myself with creative, forward thinking people not only in person but online.

I want to connect and cultivate relationships with people around the *world* who are doing what they love. For this I am launching an idea called XYZcreatives. I will be sending out invitations shortly to people who need to be involved.

The bridge between community and creativity, that supports XYZcreatives is a project called Fuck With It. Still being developed but if you like the name and want to know more, hit me up and let’s chat about creating an awesome idea.


I traveled a ton in 2012 and want to do the same in 2013. Except differently. I had no idea about travel before leaving… I’ve learned a lot since. So in 13 I want to change the type of travel to be more focused and intentional while coupling this style with the spontaneity that I have come to enjoy. I want to travel with the focus of combining community and creativity all while seeking incredible adventures. For this I am launching Take Over Your City.

Goals Need to Be Specific…Right?

This is all very vague, ideas floating around, undefined.

That’s how I want it to be. Scattered, loosely connected by strings of commonality, free to grow and evolve as the universe directs.

I’ve learned to embrace this freedom of organic direction. It’s powerful because anything can grow unrestricted. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t want to get in the way of what could happen by forcing what I think should happen.

These projects are in their beginning stages and that’s how I want it be. Because they are community oriented I want to involve the growing community to grow these ideas. We will grow the idea and the community, together.

More Random Thoughts

On top of it all I’m throwing out a few random ideas to the universe, to see what happens. Not concrete or anything, just things that I would like to let evolve this year.

Learn Spanish
Road Trip with People
Learn Photoshop / Illustrator
Build something awesome by hand
Making lights, chairs, and shit from wood and steel

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