• All I need to live a great life

All I need to live a great life

Addition and Subtraction

Add more of what works and subtract what doesn’t.

Working :: Reading, writing, routine, independence, meditating and close friends :: add more.

Not Working :: late nights, relying on unreliable relationships and succumbing to little fears :: subtract vigilantly.

This is a dynamic process of continually evaluating and acting on my evolving situation… forever.

Resistance Lighthouse

I just re-read The Art of War and had a huge realization :: the things that scare me / make me rationalize (!) / trigger Resistance the most are the EXACT things I need to do.

My path is clear to spot because it is LIT UP LIKE A FUCKING LIGHTHOUSE. Whenever I get that feeling in my stomach, that deeeeeep scared feeling, I know that I need to push further in that direction.

Getting Uncomfortable

The desire and ability to keep getting uncomfortable makes everything possible.

If I can keep embracing and loving the movement forward, the resistance, the uncertainty, the difficulty, I will be able to accomplish anything and everything awesome.

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