“I’m Different, Yeah I’m Different”

  • I'm different and that's how It HAS to be

The earliest I can remember making a conscious decision to be different, to do my own thing, was in 4th grade (maybe 5th?) when I bought these hideously baggy UFO pants. At the time I was skateboarding and break dancing so I guess that semi-justifies the poor fashion choice. Regardless, I was the only one who had pants like that.

Living a self-defined life of being different and unique and individualistic

A few years later I started drawing on my kicks, customizing them with Sharpie. They had to be mine.

Then I bought some plaid shorts from Abercrombie. I was the first. Then others started wearing plaid, even the same shorts. So I bought another plaid short and had them combined. As in, the bottom half of one short sewn ONTO the other plaid. (Wisshhhhhh I had a picture!)

Now I had two totally different plaid shorts combined into one mismatched pair. Whatever, doing my thang.

I started wearing long white socks with my penny loafers… with shorts. This was a borrowed style I learned from my grand-father, his signature look. But no one else was doing it.

I still wear long socks with shorts but have moved on from all white. And people always seem to notice the look.

Dropping out of college, a one-way ticket to Europe, moving to a completely new city. All of these are examples of dismissing the pull of average, of normal, of boring, while maintaining my individuality and striving to live a self-defined life.

Being different is in my DNA. It’s not something I “try” to do. It’s something I “have” to do.


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Why Can't You Be Normal?

Are you more “normal” or “different”?
What are you doing to maintain / change your “normal-ness” / “different-ness”?

Would love to hear your comments below!

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