• Leaving fucking sucks

Leaving fucking sucks

Leaving kind of sucks. Leaving people, leaving places, leaving experiences, it all kind of sucks. I say kind of because that’s what I mean: kind of. Leaving is not devastating, not life altering, not terribly emotional. For me it just kind of sucks, just a little. It’s painful but it doesn’t happen that often so I deal with it and move on.

But over the last 10 weeks I’ve been “leaving” a lot.

I left my family and my friends and my life back in Austin. Then I left a lot of really cool people in Pamplona. Now every few days I leave friends to make new ones in a new city, then leave them, too. From Spain to Morocco to Italy to the Baltics to Warsaw: leaving, leaving, leaving.

I’m “leaving” too much and the “kind of sucks” are adding up.

I’m tired of switching cities every few days. I’m tired of leaving new friends. I’m tired of leaving awesome girls. I’m tired of leaving.

Leaving kind of sucks Leaving fucking sucks.

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