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I lost my phone Christmas Night. Crazy story: ask me about it. But living without this piece of technology has changed my perspective.

One of the biggest shifts is time perception. I no longer live by time. During the day I have no reference besides asking people or taking glances at random clocks throughout the city. Time blurs together, and when it loses relevancy, it disappears. My 10 days in Paris kind of blends together because I had no time to gauge when things were happening. I don’t know when I was waking up, don’t know when I was going to sleep, don’t know when we ate dinner or started partying.

Time just didn’t matter. I followed others who handled all of the time sensitive matters. When I left early one morning from Paris to Amsterdam, I had to borrow and iPod to set the alarm. When I missed my bus I waited in line for… a long time… to buy my next ticket. It felt like hours but I don’t really know.

Then I had to constantly ask for the time so I wouldn’t miss my next bus. I don’t know what time I got Brussels or how long it took to find a hostel. I think it was around 11? I knew I needed to catch a morning train but I had no alarm to wake me so I just awoke when my body felt like it. Thankfully it was around the decent hour of 9:00. But how much sleep did I get? I don’t know what time I went to sleep.

Since losing my phone the importance of time has diminished significantly. I no longer try to control the duration of my movement or worry about the hours / minutes / seconds of my day. Life has become very fluid as I move with feelings, cruising daily life, free.

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Have you ever lived without time?

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