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  • Don't read my writing if you can't handle swear words.

Don't read my writing if you can't handle swear words.

I listen to a ton of rap music. Yes, I’m white but somehow rap culture has integrated itself into my life, my outlook, my inspiration.

There is a huge part of this culture that negatively affects me : the explicit lyrics, the degradation of women, the continual PMW references, sippin’ syrup and all of it.

But the beats, the flows, the inspiration of going from the bottom to the top, that’s what moves me, inspires me to create and hustle. I throw on some tunes, drank my coffee and get wild.

This is a VERY BRIEF ode to some of the lyrics that move me and a brief insight into why I look crazy at the coffee shop jammin’ out. This is just from one day at the coffee shop, hopping back and forth between writing lyrics and making moves.

I also like to change the lyrics to fit my life because obviously I’m not a cocaine-hustlin’ trap boy from 3rd ward. So **** means I altered the lyrics.

Old School Weezy F

“Stop throwing rocks at bulletproof glass.”

“I’m here, make room :: BOOM!”

“You pups can’t keep up with the pedigree.”

“We going make it to the finish line, right there, the goal line, right after the scrimmage line.”

“So Zoom, what’s your motivation?” “Is that really a question? Do you really have that written down in your notepad? You smell me, girl :: I smell like *LIFE*”

Casey Veggies

“Got it tattooed on my *RIBS ’cause I stand for every word I said.”

“As I finish this sentence, I can feel this in my soul.”

Rockie Fresh

“You’re the baddest out of all your friends. And all them bitches bad, please understand. But you….”

“Been here for a minute, lot of people just arriving late.”

“We’re on another level, a bunch of *YOUNG ass rebels.”

“One of the freshest they’ve seen in awhile. Anybody that disagrees is just deep in denial. I’m making *MOVES and shit just making me smile.”

“Look at the countries I’m in. *Yessir I’m trippin’.”


“We’re trying to make own White House. Paint it RED and start screaming our fucking pipes out.” Ludacris

“I just want to be free. I don’t want to be nobody’s shadow.” Ab-Soul

A$AP Rocky

“Lost my mind a long time ago :: to find it need forensics.”

“I’m ticklish, stuntin’ is my business.”

“Working, never chilling, ’till I get a million to the ceiling, gunning for a billion.”

_ _ _

What are some of your go-to songs for getting inspired? Any specifics lyrics that get you going?

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