• Starting the day pointed in the right direction

Starting the day pointed in the right direction

After a long day filled with adversity, perseverance and small victories, I anchor my boat facing the horizon of vast opportunity.

It’s time to settle in for the night, so I drop the anchor, taking a long look towards the life that lies ahead while recounting the day’s events. A success, through and through. Yet I know I can’t rest on what I accomplished :: I have to keep pushing, day after day, forward.

But the next morning my vessel has twirled away from the horizon of infinite opportunity.

I now face the task of spinning by boat back back back towards where I need to go. The opposition is heavy as my mind tells me to sit back for the day, to stay anchored or to relax and just float.

Redirecting the boat, first thing in the morning, is the hardest yet most important step of my day. I know if I can fight the initial surge of RESISTANCE to face my boat forward, everything in the day will take me in that desired direction.

Every morning I must fight, for my life, to direct the boat forward, forward to opportunity and deep breaths and adventure and accomplishment.

If I can start EVERY morning with my this small win, the rest of the day is simply fighting the small bouts of wind and occasional storm that try to deter my progress.

My first and biggest step for the day :: setting my direction.

The Morning Routine

50 pushups

That’s it. That’s all it takes to face my boat back in the correct direction. Every morning. Simple and easy… but not so easy.

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