• Girls girls girl

Girls girls girl

“I wonder where will I meet the, perfect girl that I dream of. And I don’t need no huge tits, I’m cool with just good B Cups.”


  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Care what others think of her
  • Be from the US

“I just hope Ms. Right doesn’t get left out.”


  • Look just as good the next morning
  • Looks just as good at the gym as the club
  • Travel. A lot.
  • Live in the US
  • Dress impeccably, without trying
  • Have her shoe game on point
  • Care for her finger nails
  • Have great dental hygiene
  • Be baaaaadddd
  • Enjoy working out
  • Be taller than me in heels
  • Communicate
  • Be independent
  • Have a tattoo
  • Speak more than two languages
  • Be adventurous

“Bad girl, I might get used to you. All I ask of you is try to earn my memory. Make me remember you, like you remember me.”


  • Air Miles
  • Been through some shit
  • Asked herself tough questions
  • Explored

“You’re the baddest out of all your friends. And all them bitches bad, please understand. But you….”

One girl from around the World

“Tell ’em dim the lights down, right now, put me in the mood. I’m talking ’bout dark room, perfume.”

Varied Thoughts

  • Not opposed to her criminal past
  • Direction : Art / Fashion / Design
  • Or lost, moving forward one step at a time
  • Does what she wants
  • Can roll it up
  • She will be older until I turn 26

Relationships are starting to make sense.

Whereas before, back back, I didn’t quite understand, the logic, the change, I just didn’t get it. Friends came and went as their girlfriends came and went, our friendship changing, fading fading as he grew attached to her, singular.

I always wished for a relationship but I just never quite grabbed this yearning, something out of reach, even though effort and longing were ever present. So I turned to independence and multitudes, instead of interdependence and singularity. I played, freely, letting myself grow and learn and roam, free free free, wandering on my own.

But as I grew, as I traveled, as I met and bonded and connected with the variety, my thoughts on relationships has evolved to a different perspective. I, now, for probably the first time, can see not only the appeal of being connected with one, digging deeper instead of expanding, but also the desire to embark on this journey.

This realization has come from no one person. Instead, from many did my understanding of relationships develop, shaped and shifted by the plurals, turned into one. Some taught me how to communicate, others how to be wild, and others how to just be, to sit with her, talking, opening up, trusting.

The movement, the brief encounters, the many has made me realize the benefits of the opposite :: of stillness, of prolonged interactions, of one, together.

_ _ _

Any changes in your perspective of the opposite sex as you’ve grown up? What do you look for in a partner? What are absolute no’s? Things I think about often, would love to hear your thoughts.

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