“It’s my last Hoorah before my job starts…”

  • Making Travel and fun a priority

I was getting up after five hours at Starbucks, packing my computer and hard drives and notebooks, looking around to see what was happening outside of my tunnel vision. As I was looking around I caught a glimpse of a cute girl’s computer screen.

It was an itinerary / order confirmation for a Europe Rail Pass and having just returned from this part of the world I had to ask about it. And she was cute so… I had to say something.

“Are you going to Europe?”

Turns out she was leaving for a brief trip through the typical American tourist destinations.

“It’s my last hoorah before I move to Dallas to start my job.”

Cringe. This type of thinking, this fatalistic “end of the fun” perspective, the “now real life starts” outlook :: it makes me sick.

So many students think that life goes downhill after graduating, that real life is boring, that travel and adventure and everything that awaits in the world is off limits when “real life” starts.

It’s wrong :: fact.

I understand that in order to start a successful career we must make some sacrifices. I understand that very few can travel the world freely without having to worry about their job. I understand all of this and I know I will have to face this fact in the near future.

But to think that after college these “luxuries” are off limits, that a real job nullifies the opportunity to explore the world, this thinking is negatively self fulfilling.

Priorities must be established in order to actually follow through with them.

Tooooooo many people never travel far and wide because they don’t make it a priority.
Tooooooo many people never do things because they let pre-established priorities determine their lives.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take that job in Dallas right out of college. Take it.

But know that, if you want to, you can take 2 or 3 extended trips around the world before you turn 30. You just have to make it a priority.

_ _ _ _

I’m now in California for the next two months. HYFR.

My adventures will be heavily chronicled over at Take Over Your City in at least one blog post and one video update a week.

I will share thoughts here too but ZCLOCO.com is slowly morphing to focus more on the clothing company. Please share all of the ZCLOCO dopeness with your homies.

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