My New Home: Belgrade, Serbia

  • Zoom is living in Belgrade, Serbia

Zoom is taking a month break in Belgrade

As of October 15th I am living in Belgrade, Serbia. Pretty random, huh?

“Why Serbia? Why did you stop traveling? What made you take a break?”

Tired of Moving So Much

After about 10 weeks of constant travel I became tired of always leaving. It was a great experience but after awhile the repeated moving wears down the body and mind. This type of travel wasn’t my original plan. Instead I wanted to move slowly, getting to really experience the place I was staying, to soak in the culture, to make friends with locals. But being an inexperienced traveler I fell into the hostel mentality of three or four days in a city before moving on. This lasted only so long before I was exhausted.

I Wasn’t Growing

The constant moving took a toll on my growth, something I deeply value. I wasn’t reading, writing, or thinking as much as I wanted to. My health was going down hill due to the late nights and late mornings, the fast food snacks, and the difficulty of maintaining a work out routine. I was not moving forward and this definitely had to change.

I Was Getting Bored

The walking tours and sight seeing trips were educational and entertaining but after awhile they all blend together. More churches, more museums, more “Old Towns”. Boring. I began checking cities off the list. I wasn’t experiencing the culture because instead of exploring cities I just partied with fellow hostelers. It got to the point where seeing a city meant aimless wandering: no history, no locals, no culture. And although I met some fantastic people in the hostels, the “meet-party-leave” routine was becoming monotonous.

Zoom is living in Belgrade, Serbia

Time to Settle Somewhere

These thoughts had been running through my mind when I met Matt Trinetti in Tallinn, then randomly a few days later in Tartu. From the little time we spent together I could tell he wasn’t on the typical travel path and definitely not the typical American traveler. We then ended up on the same bus from Tartu to Riga and spent the drive talking about our futures, how to make our trips meaningful, and other deep life topics.

After more discussion about what we wanted out of our trips, the idea came up to settle down and take a break from the constant moving. We soon parted ways but we stayed in touch and developed the idea. We reconnected in Oktoberfest and soon the idea of staying somewhere for a month solidified.

Some research later we decided on Belgrade.

Now we’re in Serbia spending our time furiously writing, cooking healthy meals, and using each other as inspiration and motivation to take the next step in our lives.

Zoom is living in Belgrade, Serbia

Zoom is living in Belgrade, Serbia

What I’m Focused On

I am using this month to get back on track mentally and physically while building a solid foundation for the rest of my trip. I want to focus on health, growth, and productivity, all of which I have narrowed down to three focus areas.

New Project

I’m starting a new project to give me a direction and to develop a purpose for this trip. In brief it revolves around the idea of certain tips and tricks that make moving to a new city easier. From developing meaningful relationships to networking productively to hitting the ground running. Since I am moving to new cities often, I will be testing and sharing different experiences, stories, and tips for making this transition as easy and effective as possible.

More info coming soon. I would also love to talk about it with you.

Creating Great Content

I want to create great content, whether it’s my new site, my writing, or videos / pictures. I have the time and energy to spend on making quality creations so I will focus on only releasing the best possible work.

Establishing a Morning Routine

If I start everyday powerfully and on point, the rest of my day will follow that course. Therefore, I am beginning 30 days of a morning routine that involves meditating, eating a solid breakfast, and reading inspiring / educational material. This is very difficult to maintain when traveling constantly and staying in hostels so I hope to solidify this habit for the rest of my trip.

Here’s our New Apartment. Video here.

Zoom Horvath's new apartment in Belgrade, Serbia

Zoom Horvath's new apartment in Belgrade, Serbia

Zoom Horvath's new apartment in Belgrade, Serbia

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