• I make my own damn footprints, following myself.
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Those footprints, leading you forward, the ones you’ve been following, where do they lead? Where are they leading you? Who left them for you to follow? How long have they directed your direction?

That cemented path, that heavily trafficked highway, with cars surrounding you going the same direction, where does it lead?

That conveyor belt moving you forward, and the person in front and the person behind you, and the person in front and behind that person: what’s the final product? Who’s factory is it?

_ _ _

I want to walk down my own path, diverting from the concrete, choosing to cut my way through the forest, however difficult, facing unsure, the potentially dangerous. That agreement to follow the rules, the one none of us ever actually sign but instead silently follow, to stay in line, to not speak up. I’m lighting it on fire, blazing it down to ashes, but not before using it to light your agreement, setting you free so you can pass that flame, that spark of individuality, to the next, passing the fire of freedom, on and on.

_ _ _

What major PREDETERMINED NEXT STEP areas do people fall into? What steps do people follow blindly (or ignorantly)?

Getting a job right of college? Marrying because you’ve “been together for x years”? Taking the promotion because of money? Working because of money? Making a living? Focusing on salary?

_ _ _

It’s an unconscious move, to follow the path, and that’s how it was designed, to be easy, safe, so the masses wouldn’t question the motivation, they would just.. do.

_ _ _

“What will benefit me most as my next step?” What will be the best move for me, in the long run, for my life?

_ _ _

Watch where you’re stepping, there might already be footprints.

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