• The electronics and other gear I have



Apple MacBook Pro
External Hard Drive
iPod Shuffle
iPhone 4s
S100 Cannon Camera
Kindle (broken)
Chargers (Ipod, Computer, Camera)

Basically Zoom's Whole European Wardrobe

Zoom Horvath's European Adventures Wardrobe


1 Lulu Short
1 North Face Short
1 Patagonia Bathing Suit
1 Pant
1 Belt
1 Lulu Metal Vent Workout Shirt
3 Cotton Shirts
1 Waterproof Shell Jacket
1 Down Jacket
1 Scarf
1 Belt
Socks (in rotation)
New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes
Chukkas (rainy / going out shoes)

Things that keep me pretty and smelling good


Costa del Mar Sunglasses
Two Glasses Cases (storage)
Two pens
Beard Trimmer
Travel Towel
Backpack Rain Cover
Sink Stopper
Head Lamp
Eye Covers
Nail Clippers
Two plastic liquid travel containers
SPI Belt
Small Travel / Compact Backpack
Computer Lock
Space Bag (compression) for clothes
Moleskin Mini Notepad
Power Adapter
Osprey Talon 33L Backpack
Keychain Light
Travel Lock
Mini Carabiner
3 Travel Wrap Cords

The bag that Zoom Travels with

My Bag:

I haven’t met anybody traveling for a long period of time, or even traveling at all, with a smaller bag then mine. I have a 33L Osprey Talon. And I love it. It’s the perfect size. It’s small enough to carry onto a plane (under 10kg) yet just big enough to carry everything I need. Before leaving I read a lot about bag size. One key point I found was that if you have a bigger bag, you will fill it. A small bag forces me to keep it simple and only carry what I absolutely need.

No “Just In Case” Items:

Just in case items are stupid. I like the Minimalists idea of 20 Dollars, 20 Minutes. A lot of people, not just travelers, hang on to items that they MIGHT need. “MAYBE.. IF THIS HAPPENS.. I MIGHT need this.” Get rid of it. You can buy it somewhere if you really need it but chances are you don’t. I brought a few things I thought I might need. If I haven’t used it in awhile and it doesn’t like like I might, I get rid of it. It’s freeing, try it.

Favorite Item:

Probably my favorite / most useful item is my Marmot waterproof shell. I love it. It’s light and easy to pack, it’s sleek and looks good everywhere, and it’s waterproof and a windbreaker. If I pair it with my long sleeve Smart Wool and I can take on just about any weather. But it also turns heads at the club. It wasn’t cheap but I’m glad I spent the money on it. A quality shell is worth it.

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