• Is my "RIGHT", right?

Is my "RIGHT", right?

I’ve had countless conversations about many of these topics with people from several different countries. Seeing and hearing how people live, discussing what each of us takes for granted, and lots of thinking have brought up many questions about ideas / thoughts I have believed are right / wrong. Just throwing this out there, feedback?


Is our 2nd Amendment really a positive ideal for our country?

People work+work+work to make more money. Then what? They don’t have TIME to spend it, spend it on THINGS, neglect what’s important. Why? Is less work and less money better than more work and more money? (Especially if you don’t LOVE your job)

Equality: doesn’t it make sense? Aren’t there some things that everybody DESERVES?

Welfare: Does it keep people from working / having ambition? How do you lessen this thinking? Keeps the poor, poor?

Estonian Parliament members make 3000 euro a month. How much does Congress make?

Equalizing wealth across the board takes the power from the super rich. Is that bad?

Is America really free?

Why THE FUCK don’t Americans travel? We have easy access to most of the world yet FEW take TRUE advantage of it?

Why does America think it’s ALL-POWERFUL and that we have ALL THE SOLUTIONS? Why do we have military bases worldwide?

“We don’t need to make the world perfect, just less shitty.” – from a hostel discussion

Can we really trust what we hear / what we’re taught if it’s brought to us with an agenda?

Does the size of a country affect what type of government works better? Iceland vs. United States

Average wage from country to country? People live great lives at the equivalent of our average wage, yet we (I) scoff at making $40K a year…

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