Re-living the College Experience

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I pretty much didn’t go to college.

Yes, I went one year to Austin Community College but that doesn’t count because 1) It’s community college 2) I never wanted to go. So I skipped college and it ended up to be a great choice.

But taking this route means I missed out on the “college experience”.

I didn’t get to go through Greek rush / fraternity life.
I missed the hanging out and not doing anything but playing video games and watching TV.
I missed the massive amount of friends and acquaintances that are always around.
I missed the ease of that comes with easy classes.

I missed quite a bit of “college life” because I voluntarily opted down a different path.

Then I went to Europe for 7 months. Then I returned to Austin. And then I started kickin it “with the college homies”. A lot.

After taking quite a few early years of my life to grow and learn and push myself forward I now had the opportunity to go BACK to the college lifestyle that I missed. And although it hasn’t been the bestest-most-productive experience I am glad I have gone back in time to experience a part of life that I would have otherwise missed.

And although on the surface it doesn’t look productive I know I’ve learned and grown quite a bit from my stop through college life.

This experience has shown me a crucial part of most people’s lives. It has taught me more about how I live and see the world. Overall it has been a great experience to hang out with old friends and strengthen some bonds that have weakened over time. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

But soon I will have to move out of the comfort zone and embrace a whole new level of hardships to keep moving forward. And that will be a whole different game.

But while I’m here I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this life.

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I’ve been slacking HARDCORE on writing. *No mo* (Trinidad James voice). I’ll be putting up almost daily Thoughts, some short stories, and just more stuff.

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