I Paid $11.99 for LONG.LIVE.A$AP

  • I coughed up $11.99 for LONG.LIVE.A$AP

I coughed up $11.99 for LONG.LIVE.A$AP

I bought ASAP Rocky’s new album. Yeah, I coughed up the money and downloaded it online. I know it leaked, I know it was an easy download, and that people were jamming it way before I did. But I waited, following the marketing scheme as the build up to the release date increased, and bought the album when it dropped.

I’m a broke traveler and can use the money for a whole shit load of other things, why didn’t I just torrent it?

Because Rocky is an artist, a young dude doing the damn thing, hustling from the bottom to the top.

In the matter of a year he TOOK OVER the hip hop industry, spreading his reach into fashion and style while creating a massive presence. He literally took over the rap game. He’s 24.

He does what the fuck he wants to do and sells the hell out of it.

And I support that. It’s the same reason I throw a few Euros in a hat in front of the street performers, but only if they are good, hustling, making cool shit in a unique way. A few euros could buy me half a sammich or it could help this dude keep traveling around Europe. It’s the same reason I pay people for their work, for their worth. It’s the same reason I tip graciously. It’s money and if I give it away, rightfully supporting cool people doing cool shit, the cash will come back around.

I’m an artist, hustling to make cool shit with cool people. And what I put out is worth paying for. I know the hustle and I support the people who are walking the same path. I share cool shit to spread the word. I hunt down friends of friends of friends who are doing cool shit because I know I want people to do the same for me, to share my creations with the *WORLD*

_ _ _

Yes I was bangin’ the album while I wrote this. Yes I will be bangin’ it for awhile. YES: “Wild for the Night” will be my Lisbon Anthem.

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