• Leaving BLOWSSSS

I don’t want to think right now.

Not about her, not about leaving again, not about anything.

Hood up, glasses on, headphones in. Leave me alone, Thoughts, I want to be alone.

Despite his efforts to escape, his thoughts and emotions keep running laps through his brain, around and around and around, cancelling out the music and the quiet, forcing him down a road he doesn’t want to travel with baggage he doesn’t want to carry.

Leaving Belgrade. Leaving Serbia. But the real root of the pain is that girl.

Three days together. But even better: two nights. Two great nig- Stop thinking about it. Stop it.

He boards the bus to airport, turns his music up, closes his eyes.

Face your thoughts, don’t run, deal with them.

Flood Gates: Open.

And they flow, over the music, over the bass, flooding his rational thinking, his emotions, his clarity.

I might see her again. I’ve told girls that before but… maybe this time is different. It will fit into my route. She will have her own flat (and he keeps making reasons to go see her, trying to figure out how it will work out, if he should or shouldn’t pursue) will it be too much to go back? How, why, when…

The water flows the entire bus ride to the airport.

Getting really tired of leaving. Always leaving. But.. to go back.. I have to leave somewhere else. To see her I will leave another place, more leaving…………….

That “leaving” will be worth it.

_ _ _

Sunday Short Stories (SSS) are a creative outlet for me to share experiences from my journeys. Some of the stories true, some are fiction, and some are a mix of both. A lot are about girls. Some are about adventures. All are about travel. Enjoy…

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