• Just In Case Something Happens Letter

Just In Case Something Happens Letter

I don’t know when I came up with idea. Or even why. I think it was a few years ago. Maybe it was when my friend Rusty passed away.

Regardless, it’s been bouncing around in my mind for awhile.

Life is uncertain and we never know what will happen. A random car. A crazed killer. Any little mistake. Done.

You / I / We could be gone. Just like that.

So I decided, however long ago, to write a “Just In Case” Letter.

“Just In Case” something happens. “Just In Case” I don’t get to fully express how I felt, my thoughts, my feelings. But I never wrote it. I’ve had the idea for a long time but never acted on it. Who knows why not?

Maybe because it will be incredibly hard to write. Maybe because I will have to light some thoughts buried deep inside. Maybe because I will have to think of my death.

People write wills all the time. Old people, mostly. This is my type of will. Not having to do with worldly possessions and money and other boring things. I am going to focus on people, on relationships, on emotions.

I won’t show anyone. I’ll keep it on my computer under the title of “Just In Case” and if something happens, you will know where to look, to look all the way inside me.

My Invitation? Join me on this journey.

But only if you really want to, if you can handle it, completely. It’s probably pretty dangerous if you can’t handle it. It’s reality and truth and some people can’t handle that…yet.

But if you’re interested, shoot me a message or respond below letting me know you’re in. I don’t know how long it will take me to write it, probably a long time. And I will continually revise it. But maybe we can talk about it over Skype, the experience, the difficulty.

Are you in?

_ _ _

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