• Slowing down and taking longer showers

Slowing down and taking longer showers

Bike Computer

I had a Polar Wireless Computer on my bike that tracked speed, distance and some other technical aspects of riding.  And I used it all the time.

I knew how long it would take to get to Dominican Joe’s, West Campus or Downtown and I was accurate within 2-3 minutes.

I would throw on my head phones, strap on my helmet and be off, pushing for faster faster faster. It was hard, aggressive riding, weaving in and out of cars with the occasional skitch thrown in. I was the biker that drivers hate to see zoom past.

Then I got to San Diego and didn’t feel the need to rush anymore.

I wanted to just cruise, to see the city,  to slow down, to take my time and not hurrrrrry.

So I took the technology off and stopped rushing. I also stopped listening to music and instead substituted for the city noises and the music of my thoughts.


I use Car2Go, a rent-by-the-minute company with Smart Cars conveniently located all around San Diego (and based out of Austin).

The rate is $ .38 per minute.

For this reason (and because they drive like go-carts) I try to make my trips as fast as I can. For every minute more, my trip cost grows.

So I race race race down the highway, foot and gas pedal both floored, maxed out at 65, exactly. They literally go no faster. Through the city I speed the car through back roads while trying to avoid traffic. Every minute counts!

But this outlook makes every drive a stressful experience, fighting the minutes and the slowly climbing trip cost. No deep breaths, no calm, no enjoy ride.

So I stopped rushing my trips. I don’t even know if my rush was saving me that much time. Maybe it was a minute or two, or maybe I wasn’t saving at all.

Averaged out, the small number of 38-cent-charges will be inconsequential in the long-term monetary analysis.

Much more important is my calmness and peace of mind, right now.

Long Hot Showers

I love showers. Few things are better than a hotter than hot shower.

But for some reason I don’t spend a lot of time in the shower. I love them but rarely do I spend more than 4 minutes showering.

Maybe it’s to conserve water, a very real issue our country is facing. Maybe it’s because of the water bill. Maybe it’s because… there’s probably a few reasons.

A few weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well and stayed in the shower longer. Instead of rushing, I just kept showering.

The results were deep thoughts and a very calming feeling. There was no rush so my mind was able to think and work through sticking points, jumping freely and clearly.

Now I take longer showers, allowing my brain the calm to think think think as I pace back and forth, letting the hot water pour.

I even talk to myself in the shower. I talk to hear my ideas out loud, to give them a voice, to see if they stand up outside of my imagination.

In the short term maybe a long shower adds some extra money to the bill. Or maybe environmentalist cringe at the idea of wasting water. But for me it creates a peace that allows my mind the freedom to roam and explore. I see things I haven’t seen before, with solutions and more questions. It’s a benefit that outweighs the negatives.

I’ve noticed I face AWAY from the shower head most often. Do you face a certain direction more?

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