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Taking the day slowwww with ZoomYesterday I had a slow day. Haven’t been feeling too well + late night + being accosted by prostitute at 3 am + bad weather = Slow Time. So I took the day easy, meandering and thinking and not getting HYPER. Today I’m back on point, call it Cruising Altitude. Time to get back to it, to *LEVELING UP*, to making awesomeness.  Here’s a chronicle of my yesterday, some interesting sites I visited, some videos I watched. Just a snapshot.

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“Today’s going to be one of those days where I take it slowwwwww.”

Walk around and take 100 pictures / video for a movie I’m making. No phone, no music, just a camera.
Watching Music videos.

“One day I will drive down the street in a Lambo with the doors up.”

Messages from Friends.
Working on different projects because even when I don’t want to create, I still do.
Responses: …………………….
Back to surfing.
What did Cool Kids do to blow up and sustain it? (h/t Darius)
Just Blaze x Baauer :: Higher  (Too fast for right now)
New Music. New Videos. Download. Save for later.

“Trying to be the big fish in the pond :: you know how those Piranhas get.” The Documentary, The Game

Fashion Girl from the coffee shop yesterday messages me!

“Today is my Sunday.”

“I’m far from Religious but I got beliefs. So I put canary yellow diamonds in my Jesus piece.” The Game
Frank Ocean :: channel ORANGE
Off to get groceries. Always eating with the roomies.

Digital Short by a 22-year old German director

Blood Diamonds
No writing today. No editing. No nothing.
How to Travel Through 20+ Countries with Free Room and Board

One Couch at a Time

Drugs Inc : Ecstasy

Cook dinner :: delicious

Four-Pins : The Erotic Conquests of a Man with No Style
Magic Trip: Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters

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