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Although I feel good about my health, mentally and physically, it’s time to make some changes that will take me even further.


Rock Climbing

I love the feeling of being healthy, sweating and pushing myself to get better. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, sticking mainly to lacrosse, basketball and bike riding.

Now it’s time to add another sport into the mix :: rock climbing.

Climbing is one of those sports I have always wanted to get into but have never given a solid shot. The time has come. A new sport with new challenges and a completely different set of skills… why the hell not?

I’m very excited to start climbing with Aicacia and her boyfriend Derek, two highly qualified, bad ass climbers.

Gluten Free

When I arrived back in Austin I made the decision to go gluten free. I’m honestly not toooo sure about the direct and immediate benefits and need to do some more research but I know that this is a huge step forward in my long-term health.

But it also serves as a short-term benefit for getting into shape :: I will stop drinking beer.

Pretty much all beer is made from some either wheat, barley, or rye which means I can’t drink it. Although I do love beer, this cut will drastically reduce the amount of calories I consume on a daily weekly basis. Less beer means less causal drinking means less casual calorie intake means getting sexy.

H/T to Rich Eats for the inspiration. Check out his wealth of food knowledge over at his website.


Through my travels I lost the habit of meditating daily.

It’s kind of hard to sit in silence in the early morning after a 5 am European night out.

Now that I have some stability I am restarting my meditation habit. I see meditating as a massssssive overall benefit and am really happy to be adding this routine back to my life.


Reading has been another victim of my extended travels.

I used to read daily, at least one or two books a week, but once again this is a hard habit to maintain through late nights and constant movement. I haven’t been able to get back into reading as easily as I expected so this is going to take some focus.

Any suggestions for bad ass books?

PS :: I have started to floss daily!

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