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Some days I don’t want to work, I don’t want to write, I don’t want to do anything. I could pull up some TV shows online and watch those. I could play games online. I could surf Devour. But most of the time I choose to watch TED talks or read interesting blog posts. I called it Productive Boredom.

Love Letters to Strangers:

There’s a missing connection, absent when digital. There’s something about feeling something real, giving a hug, being with people, that fuels human needs deep down. The internet is great and the multiple ways we can communicate is revolutionary, but there are still basic needs that can’t be digitally met. It’s why PostSecret thrives. Or Skype instead of just a call, because you can see someone. We’re moving forward and moving further apart and in the process we are losing some of the touch and feel of living down the street from your parents. I don’t write letters or even really send postcards, but I’m sure they would be much more welcomed than a Facebook message or email.

Our Buggy Moral Code:

It’s interesting to think how little changes make us change how we act. This guy does a great job of testing morality when it comes to stealing, when we steal less, when we steal more. The factors that come in to the situation play a huge part of our resulting actions. Makes me think about justifying stealing from a big company but how I wouldn’t steal from a person. Same thing, the factors are just different.

  • A lot of people cheat just by a little, not enough to make themselves feel bad.
  • If you remind someone of morality, chances of cheating goes down.
  • The bigger distance from a desired object, the more cheating goes up.
  • Being surrounded by peer cheating increases chances of cheating.

Its also interesting to think about how people get into their field or industry. This guy had something terrible happen to him, he had an idea that would have helped his situation, then he investigated it further and further until he became an expert in behavioral psychology. Interesting.

Imagining a Trillion Frames Per Second

The fact that we can actually see light traveling is crazy. I’m not into science, really, but this is fascinating. How this can be applied in the future for like medical  and safety uses is also very interesting. It’s experiments and progress like this that makes huge steps forward, not Instagram. I read this article by Peter Thiel and this is kind of what he is talking about. Breaking barriers and moving past the fact that there is nothing left to progress.

Thiel notes that “horizontal growth” — achieving progress by copying things that are done well in advanced nations — is great for the developing world. That’s China’s plan. And yet, Thiel also identifies a corresponding pessimism in ‘advanced’ nations, a pessimism that implicitly suggests “there is nothing left to do in the developed world.”

Will Our Kids Be a Different Species?

Wow, this is intense. I haven’t seen this part of our evolution yet and it’s incredibly wild to hear this guy talk about it. Definitely worth a watch. Basically, we are at a huge evolutionary stage where our brains are changing so quickly that we don’t really know what’s happening. And along with technology we are figuring out that we actually may not all be “the same”. With these technological advancements, we are learning who we are but also learning how to change who we are, how to upgrade ourselves and in the process create a different human species. Religion and science (evolution) plays a huge part of this theory so it would be interesting to hear both sides of this. Literally, evolution is happening in front of our eyes. And the more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about our potential. And if we don’t have potential, genetic, in a few years we will be able to create that potential.

We have the ability to grow ANY ORGAN from ANY CELL.

We are experiencing rapid evolution of brain through the amount of information we are creating.

“Our brain takes in as much data in a day as it used to in a lifetime.”

Watch this.

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