• Zooooooom doing what he wants

Zooooooom doing what he wants

My dog woke me up this morning by barking incessantly. He wouldn’t stop barking no matter how much I banged on the window and tried to get him inside. Bark bark bark from him and repeated “Shut the hell up’s” from me.

Not a great start to the day.

Then I sat down at Austin Java to continue editing the #PerfectAustinDay video we’ve been working on for the last two weeks. I loaded the scenes we shot yesterday. And that’s where that focus / original plan detoured.

I turned on some Schoolboy Q and just went with the flow.

I jumped to editing the ZCLOCO photo shoot pictures. Then I brainstormed the next set of releases from The Sequel line with “creative muhhfucking genius” Luis Nava. Then I worked on the TOYC redesign.

I threw on Drake’s Take Care album. On repeat. I drank my coffee and jammed out.

I watched some videos for inspiration. I surfed sites that people sent me to check out. I hopped from idea to project to jamming to whatever was next in the flow lineup.

I set out wanting to edit the video all day. But the universe pushed me another direction.

Maybe it’s the weather or the rowdy night with my Couch Surfing friend or my dog or something else :: but I didn’t end up doing what I should have. But I did a lot of other boss work instead.

Going with flow. Synchronizing with the universe. Doing what the hell I want while loving every minute and moving forward.

I dig it.

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