Walking My Hallway :: 12/27/11

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Journal Entry from 12/27/11

My life is a hallway.

I walk down the hallway, enjoying the halls, learning, growing, enjoying the walk. I am pushing myself to improve, taking the small steps daily to move forward.

Then, without really even expecting it, I walk through a door. Without any conscious effort, without much immediate work, I walk through a door to arrive at an even better hallway. This hallway is shinier, there is more action, there is more. And I keep walking. I get used to the hallway, it’s great. I love the walk, I love being in the hallway.

But then, just as unexpectedly as before, I walk through another door to an even greater walkway that is completely different, better, clearer, more interesting.

This happened quickly at first. It seems like every 5 books I was through a new door. But the huge, transformational growth started happening less and less frequently. But, when it did happen, it is with more intensity, more power, more.

I assume these doors will be there for the rest of my life, further and further apart. I will keep walking, one foot in front of the other, enjoying the hallways not really waiting for the next door because I don’t know what that hallway will look like, but expecting…

Walk. Door. Cool.
Walkk. Door. Nice.
Walkkk. Door. Wow.
Walkkkk. Door. Great.
Walkkkkk. Door. Amazing.
Walkkkkkk. Door. Fantastic.
Walkkkkkkk. Door: ?

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