• The importance of great friends

The importance of great friends

Who’s sleeping in your bed? Who’s sleeping in your apartment? Who are you going out with? Who are your best friends? Who do you look up to? Who are you following?

For the last month I’ve been renting an apartment with Matt Trinetti in Belgrade, Serbia. I didn’t really know Matt when we moved in, only having spent a few scattered days of travel together. I knew we had similar thoughts on travel, crafting meaningful lives, and adventuring. But as for being roommates, wasn’t sure how it would work out.

It worked out incredibly well.

We kept each other productive.
We had in depth discussions on travel, life, girls, and any other crazy idea that came up.
We ran business ideas by each other. All the time.
We cooked amazing, healthy dinners then feasted while talking about cool shit.
We never turned on our TV.
We braved the smoke-filled cafes in search of the best WiFi.
We fully embraced the Belgrade nightlife.
We thoroughly explored our new city.

He’s got a few years on me so I was able to pick his brain about corporate life, girls, cheating, relationships, and several other areas of life I haven’t experienced, yet.

Spending this last month with Matt reinforced how important it is to surround myself with friends that inspire, that critique, that are honest, that are doing things, that are active, that are healthy, that are positive. It’s been great being in one place for a month and even greater to have Matt as a roommate. Big thanks to everything he taught me, everything I learned from him, and the continued inspiration.

Iron sharpens iron.

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He is also running a Comfort Challenge right now based on the idea that accountability is the key to making changes in your life. Shoot him a message with an idea for a challenge and join him in leveling up your life.

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