• Making a chage in my type of female

Making a chage in my type of female

From this point on I’m only pursuing girls that are older than I am. Preferably by a few years.

First of all let me emphasize that this has nothing to do with the incredibly awesome-amazing-wonderful girls that I have been fortunate enough to have in my life recently. Everything I have experienced with girls over the last few months has completely changed the way I view relationships. I have gained massive insight into how I look at sexual / platonic relationships, how I express my emotions, and all things in this area… many times over. The last year was amazing.

But now that I’m back in America I feel the need to keep learning. And I think for that I need to look to older.

“Saw baby she was gorgeous, right. I approached her like, ‘Ma, what’s your age and type?’ She looked at me and said “You’re a baby, right?” I told her :: I’m 22 and live a crazy life.”

College Chicks

I default to college girls because.. well.. why not? But that’s not going to push me forward. I need to be around people in the real world, who are out there doing it, living real life, making moves, with experiences.

Most of my friends are older because I like to be around people that push me to think differently, who have lived more, who I can learn from :: why can’t apply this same thinking to my sexual relationships?

Throwing This Idea to the Universe

I think limitations make life more interesting because they change the way we see / interact with our surroundings. Guidelines / rules / stipulations force us out of our habitual reactions / responses and encourage different ways of thinking. Making this decision will do exactly this.

I’ve always defaulted to the younger and I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly approached older women. Maybe it’s because of the stereotypes or that it’s not traditional or the percentages of success are lower. But now I will knowingly approach and seek out women…. and it will be interesting.

Interesting turning down younger girls. Interesting to see the changes in the interactions. Interesting in what I learn. Interesting.

I don’t know how long it will last. I might meet a super awesome girl that’s younger or than same age as I am and it might change my mind.

But for now :: Women > Girls

_ _ _

Sorry for the risque pictures that accompany my Thoughts on the fairer sex. Wait, no, never mind, I’m not…

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