• Zach Horvath's Words and Phrases to Describe His Life

Zach Horvath's Words and Phrases to Describe His Life



Settled. Lisbon. 1 month. Figure out :: next step. Hyper. Ideassssss. Flowwwwww. Brainstorming. Drawing. Connecting. Creating. Scheming. ZCLOCO? ZCLOCO :: yes. Planning to create. Organizing ideas. Streamlining. Branding. Umbrella? Together. Groups. Community. Collab-ing. New friends. Reconnecting with Old Friends. Relationships. Reaching out. Skype sessions. Lateeeeee nights. Inspired by all x everything. Craving people. MUSIC. Coffee shops. Jamming. Doing what I want. Absolute freedom. Drawing.Sketching.Noting. Designing. Producing. Organizing. *WORLD*


Movement. People. Connections. Relationships. Girls. Friends. Adventures. Excitement. Countries / Cities. Fast travel. Staying put. Questions. Internal. Looking inside. Asking. Answering. Growing. Unpredictability. Learning. Expression. Emotions. Thinking thinking thinking. Feeling feeling feeling. Next step? Keep traveling? Back to US? Stay in Europe? Writing. Trials. Facing past > Looking forward. Smoothing the roughness. Becoming more rough. Going with the flow. Not planning. Moving with the wind. Life will happen. Breathing deeply.


Hustle. Learn. Shake Hands. Exchange Cards. Do. Do more. Don’t know, do anyway. “We’ll figure it out.” Learn after, apply to the next. Late nights, every night. New places, different venues, for a reason. To meet people. To be with doers. To have stories. To explore. Late nights. Tuesdays. Thursdays. FridaySaturdaySundays. Late mornings. Controlling own time. No job. No money. No job. No income. Money going out. Money invested. Return? Hoping so. “It will work out.” Big Ass Canvas. Leaving in a month. Pamplona. Running. Bulls. Ready, excited, curious. Not planning. Leaning into the fog. 33L. Clothes, not many. Gear, some. Adventure. Plenty.


Interest(s). Passions. Excitement. Full throttle. Up Up Up. Level out. Up even more. Clarity. Confusion. Let it work out. Don’t worry too much. Learn. Grow. Understand more. Drift down stream. live. Live. LIVE. Try not to struggle. Acceptance. Fail. Acceptance. See success in failure. Do love. Try new. Forward. Stop sucking. Fall asleep and wake up when body wants to. Productive chill. Standing out. Leading. Blazing on path. Feel unstoppable. No goals. Open to new. Moving forward is enough.


Interest(s). Passion. Excitement. Confusion. Misunderstanding. Listening. Books. Knowledge. Awakening. Awareness. Understand. Dreams. Journey. Seeking. Living. Get-to’s. Struggling. Sacrifice. Strategy. Fighting. Lose. Fail. Keep pushing. Win. Victory. Earning. Earned. Keep moving. Less old. More new. Moving forward. Excitement. Looking forward. Late nights, early mornings. Less chill. More focus. Alone. Standing out. Giving. Goals. Leading.

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