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One Google search will yield thousands and thousands of posts about “Why You Should Travel”. You can should read as many of those as it takes to get you moving, but in addition I also offer my perspective with the hopes of inspiring you just a lilllll bit.

“Show them that there’s more to the world than trying to make a living. Like changing it, then looking back and saying: We did it.”

It Will Help You Live a Better Life

I don’t know if traveling can hurt your life. You can get hurt, get your heart broken, or maybe decide to live abroad, but travel will not hurt your chances of living a good life. Maybe if you travel for a year after college that corporate company won’t hire you. Sad face. But probably after your journey you will learn a corporate route isn’t actually your path, freeing you to actually pursue your passions and interests instead of chasing money.

Travel will give expose you to different cultures and how people live across the world, giving you skills and knowledge to live a better life once you settle down. And after it all if decide to take that same job, you will be better prepared through the lessons and skills you learned on the road.

You Will Have Incredible Experiences

You will UNDOUBTEDLY have experiences beyond ANYTHING you could imagine. You will visit awesome destinations, learn about the world first hand, and soak in real life experiences. You will try hitch hiking, catch trains with less than a second to spare, end up in countries you never wanted to visit, and see sites you never knew existed. You will meet amazing people, too. You will chat with French or Icelandic or British people about gun control, travel to multiple countries with people you met on the road, or even smoke hash with sketchy Moroccans. Whatever happens, it will be an amazing time. Even the bad times will be memorable when you look back on them years down the road.

“Travel clears the superfluous baggage that weighs down real life, then fills the empty space with amazing, life changing experiences.”

You Will Refine Your Thoughts and Gain Clarity

Traveling allows deep reflection that is difficult to accomplish with the obligations of real life. Free from these distractions, your journey will give you experiences of a life time, over and over again. But in between you will have time to fully think through what happened and how it affects you.

You know those random, crazy thoughts running through your mind in shower, the ones that are so vivid and clear? Yeah, you’ll have those ALL THE TIME during your travels. Whether walking sandy beaches, cobble stone streets or populated cities, you will be free to wander the paths of your thoughts and dive into what is really important.

Travel will give you things to think about then give you time to think about them.

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